AdBiller free invoicing software

Free online Billing and Invoicing tool

Reconcile your broadcast logs and create the fully customized invoices based on your advertising rate card.

Invoicing and Billing software | AdBiller

Simple and fast invoicing

Invoices created automatically based on broadcast log reconciliation and your advertising card rate.

Invoicing and Billing software | AdBiller

Broadcast affidavits

A detailed and customized broadcast report (affidavit) can be attached to each invoice.

Invoicing and Billing software | AdBiller

Fully customizable

You can add the custom invoice items (such as production) and customize your invoices.

Invoicing and Billing software | AdBiller

AdMaster integration

AdBiller works great with AdMaster, a traffic software that works with any playout/automation platform.

AdBiller Free Invoicing and Billing software

This is AdBiller.

A powerful browser-based, multi-OS compatible invoicing tool, created for radio and tv broadcasters.

It's free!

AdBiller is available free of charge. Feel free to register your account today!

It's very easy to use.

Once you configure your advertising rate card, the invoices will be ready in minutes.

Ready for the World!

The invoices can be created in any language and currency.

It works on any device.

AdBiller is a browser-based application that works on any OS and any device (PC, laptop or mobile).

Smart invoicing

The invoices are calculated automatically, based on the broadcast logs and your advertising rate card.

Broadcast reports

The broadcast reports (affidavits) can be added to each invoice, or created as the separate documents.

AdBiller Free Invoicing and Billing software

AdBiller features

Broadcast log reconciliation, automatic invoice creation, custom templates, multi-station invoicing and many more...

Broadcast log reconciliation

AdBiller reconciles your broadcast logs, locating the dates and times of the commercials. The reconciled data are used for preparing the affidavits and invoices.


The invoice items are retrieved from the broadcast logs, and you can manually add the custom items such as production, sponsorships, promotions, etc.

Advertising rate card

The pricing models per second, per spot and per campaign are available. The advanced configuration allows the dayparting down to the tiniest detail.


Several different levels of taxation are available (per invoice item, per total sum, per customer), and each of them can be configured separately.

Broadcast affidavits

The broadcast affidavits, customized according to your needs, can be added to each invoice, or created as the separate documents.

Custom templates

Pick and customize an invoice template from the gallery, or create your own invoice template from the scratch, using the built-in template generator.

Integration with AdMaster

AdBiller is the add-on for AdMaster, a powerful traffic scheduling tool. Click the icon above to visit the website with all the information and the free trial.

Multi-OS compatibility

AdBiller is a browser-based applications that require no installation of any kind. It will work in any operating system, on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

No limitations

From a single account, you can manage the entire invoicing for the unlimited number of customers, radio/tv stations and the business entities (station owners).

Works with any currency

Set any currency symbol and configure the decimal places, dates and numbers according to your needs.

VAT ready

You can configure two separate taxation models to apply to the invoice items, or to the total sum. The advanced settings are also available.

Join the Community

Share your invoice templates with the community, or download and use one of the templates created by the other AdBiller users.

Frequently asked questions

AdBiller is a browser-based tool that you can use to create the invoices based on your broadcast logs. The invoicing process is simple and straightforward. You need to select the logs for the entire month (or any other invoicing period), search for the spots and assign each spot to the corresponding client. AdBiller would calculate the invoice based on the number of broadcasted units, the spot(s) duration and your advertising rate card.

Yes, AdBiller is free for everyone. You can use it to create the invoices for the unlimited number of clients, on the unlimited number of radio or television stations.

There are hundreds of different broadcast automation platforms out there, so we cannot guarantee that our software will be able to reconcile the broadcast logs generated by any of them. In general, if you can open your broadcast log in Notepad and locate the commercial spots along with the corresponding broadcast dates and times, it should only take a couple of minutes to confgure AdBiller to learn your broadcast log structure. Try it out now. It’s free.

AdMaster is a traffic scheduling tool: it creates the playlists for your commercial breaks, and your playout software inserts these logs to the main program playlist. AdBiller takes over when the commercials have already been broadcasted. It reads the broadcast logs and prepares the invoices for your clients.

No, you don’t, although the invoice creation process is significantly faster if the traffic schedule has been scheduled by AdMaster.

Yes, you can. Several invoices are available in the free library. You can edit one of the existing templates to match your needs, or you can create your own template from the scratch, using the template builder. You can also share your invoice templates with the other users (so they can edit them), or edit the templates shared by the other users.

Yes, it is. You can add whatever you need, from “Thanks for advertising on XYZ Channel”, to “Please note that our bank account has been changed”.

Yes. You can manage the unlimited number of stations, and the invoices can be issued by the unlimited number of business entities, all from the same account. Anything is possible: if four stations are legally owned by four business entities, the invoice for any campaign (on any station) can be issued by any business entity, all from a simple drop-down menu.

Yes, they are. You can add them to each invoice, or you can create, save and print them as the separate documents, regardless of the invoices. If you are using another invoicing platform, you can use AdBiller as a free tool to create the affidavits.

Yes, it is. You can set the detailed pricing model that includes the separate price for each hour throughout the week.

Yes, it is. You can manually add the unlimited number of invoice items, and set the descriptions, prices and discounts for all of them.

Yes, you can. There’s a switch that you can turn off in AdBiller settings, and the application won’t show you anything related to broadcast log reconciliation, advertising rates and the other broadcast stuff.

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